DECODING EVIE Is Now Available!

I'm a few days late on writing this and for that I apologize, but Decoding Evie is finally out!

This is another novella, which means it's only around 10k words. It's a short, cute read that focuses solely on romance. It was a story that came about because I needed something fun to work on after having spent so long in the world of the Emile Reed Chronicles.

You can currently purchase a copy through all eBook retailers for only $0.99! (And no, the price will not be rising. This is the set price.)

Right now I'm working on both Collide: Episode Two and The Untold Stories.
I'm hoping to have one of them released by mid-October. At that point, the loan I had to take out to pay for my dog's surgery will have been paid off, so paying for editing and a cover will be a lot easier to manage.

Again, I do apologize for all of the delays this past year. Life has given me a lot of curve balls, and I had to kind of bounce back from everything.

<3 Nicole

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