Teaser Friday!

It's nearly 11PM at night, and I'm just now posting the spoilers I promised all of you earlier today. My apologies. I actually left work later than intended and didn't get home until 9PM. On the plus side? Better than never, right?!

First up, here's a teaser from THE UNTOLD STORIES featuring Chloe, aka the subject with the Vesta Corp scientists as her landlord.

There were few things I dreaded as much as rent day.
You were the idiot that decided to live in downtown Seattle, I reminded myself.
As I made my way to the leasing office, with the last bit of my cash stuffed away in an envelope for rent, I couldn’t help but to feel as though someone was watching me.
At first, I thought I was being paranoid. After all, I had a habit of thinking everyone and everything was out to hurt me – a side effect of a traumatic experience as a teenager.
But this felt different.

Now, I should note that this has not been fully edited. I've just started working on edits, so chances are this text will change a bit upon publication, but for now, here's your first look at a BRAND NEW (she didn't have a name in the series, so she's brand new as far as I'm concerned) character being properly introduced into The Emile Reed Chronicles.

Now, onto COLLIDE: EPISODE TWO. Due to medical expenses, I don't know that I'll be able to purchase individual covers as planned, so for now, I'm just going to continue using the same cover from the first episode.

Here's a quick look at EPISODE TWO (which will pick up exactly where EPISODE ONE left off):
I felt the phone slip from my fingers as I sat in shock atop my bed. Although I tried, I couldn't bring myself to move.
My chest was heavy as I struggled to catch my breath.
This couldn't be happening.
And one final note for SUBMERGED fans, I'm happy to say I contacted one of my lovely cover designers to work on the cover for THE OUTBREAK DUOLOGY! So the omnibus should be headed your way in about a week. I just need to finalize the short stories for the eBook. There will be a paperback edition down the road. (Given that sales on THE EMILE REED CHRONICLES: THE COMPLETE SERIES are pretty much non-existent, I'm holding off on releasing the paperback edition of this series.)

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