New to My Shelves!

Books I purchased:
  • Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Normally, I pre-order JLA's books as soon as they are available, but since I'm trying to get signed copies of all of her books, I decided to hold off on buying a paperback copy of Opposition until I could order a signed copy. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the last event and the signed copy I ordered never came (JLA has been great about this, thankfully). So I decided to just go ahead and purchase a copy off of Amazon.

Comics I received:
  • Thor #3
  • Bitch Planet #1
  • Black Widow #13
  • Spider-Woman #2
  • Elektra #9
  • Guardians Annual #1
I pre-order all of my comics online because I have yet to find a local comic book shop that I feel welcome at, so I'm always a week or two behind on my reading. The plus side? Almost all of the comics I got in this week were female led comics (Guardians Annual and Rocket Raccoon, which isn't pictured, are not female led titles).

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