Download ARABELLA for FREE!

You can currently download ARABELLA for free on Amazon for the next three days! This will be the absolute last time you'll be able to download the novella for free... for some time, that is.

Here is the book description:
After twenty-something years living as a weapon for Bilson Corporations, I decided that I wanted something else for my life – something more.
I wanted more. But at what cost?
I wanted to belong to the world that I had been sworn to protect, to be more than a shadow amongst the night.
But my life was not my own to control.
I have made plenty of terrible mistakes in my life, but with each mistake comes a chance to start over, to make things right. And I will see to it that I do just that.
My name is Arabella, and I am more than a weapon.
ARABELLA is a standalone New Adult novella. It is complete at approximately 17,000 words.
And here is where you can download it for free: Amazon.

The eBook will be available to purchased through ALL eBook retailers again come January 15th.

ARABELLA is one of my favorite projects from this year. It's about superheros, it features a bi-sexual female lead, and even though it's a science fiction story, it focuses on the internal battle Arabella is going through.

I love this story and this world, and I hope you all do, too.

In fact, if I see enough interest, I will gladly release TWO companion novellas in 2015. The best way to show me that you want more? Leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon!

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