Happy Book Birthday, COLLIDE (EPISODE ONE)!

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Two Best Friends. One promise. And one night that will change everything.
When Gemma Michaels lost her brother, it was her best friend, Ben, that helped to piece her back together after her world fell apart. He swore to her brother that he would take care of her, that he would protect her. He told himself that she was off limits, but when a night out ends with Gemma saying the very words he's been eager to hear, he'll be forced to decide between what he wants and the limits he has forced himself to adhere to for so long.
Some risks are worth taking.

This book has taken a lot longer to release than I'd planned.
The original story was supposed to be released back in February of this year. And then I decided to rewrite the book - multiple times, actually - in order to try and find a home for it with a publisher. I had already started querying when I realized that wasn't the right path for this story.

This book, although fictional, is a personal one. As most of you know, these past two years have been hell. I lost more family members and nearly lost one of the most important people in my life. I ended a toxic relationship. I watched as drugs destroyed people that I love. And then there were my health issues. You'll find that a lot of those very things made their way into this story. I've been saying for some time now that I feel Collide is my strongest work to date, and I truly believe this is because I put a lot of myself in this book. I gave everything I had to this story.

It was always meant to be a standalone novel, but I'd planned for it to come in at around 45k-50k words. That wasn't the case. The story, once all five episodes are published, will run around 100k words. This is one of the reasons I decided to release it in this format. Also? The story lends itself to this format.

Collide is a New Adult romance novel. Yes, it's about two best friends falling in love. No, you won't have to wait until the end of episode one to see the words exchanged. Episode one sees these two characters that are so afraid to cross the line they'd drawn for themselves, and the other four episodes explore what happens after they do while also offering more insight into their long standing friendship.

It's an emotional ride at times, but it's a fun one, and I hope that you guys enjoy Gemma & Ben's story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now, there is NOT a set release schedule for the remaining four episodes. The plan is to release them quickly, but I don't want to throw out any dates because I know how much of an asshole life can be, and I'd rather not miss anymore release dates. Your best bet would be to follow me on Facebook. I'll be sure to post updates over there as often as possible. =)

<3 Nicole

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