Saturday Update!

The blog has been quiet again, and I feel horrible for that. Unfortunately, I've been sick. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm actually waiting on blood test results to come back in, and I also have to go for an ultrasound because my doctor thinks certain issues could be related to my gallbladder. Due to all of this, I haven't really been worried about reading, blogging, or much of anything, really. I'm feeling a little better, but not entirely well enough to squeeze in time for reading and writing after I get home from work.

Other than that, here is what has been going on:

1. Collide: I hate querying. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. However, this book is special to me. Like I've said before. I want to try and find the right home before I go the self-publishing route. I'm terrible at marketing, and this book is completely different than anything else I've written. I've been submitting it to small publishers, and while I wish I could offer up an update, I can't. That's the downside to querying. It could take months before you hear anythinggggg. Now, if I can't find a home for the book by the end of January, expect to hear a new title, a new release date, and to see a brand new cover.

2. The Untold Stories: I've missed the world of the Emile Reed Chronicles so freaking much. I thought I'd had enough of that world, that I couldn't tell any more stories featuring those characters, but that has proven to be a lie. I'm really happy with how this collection is coming along and I'm hoping to have some teasers to share soon. As for a release date? I'm thinking early 2015. I planned for a 2014 release, but I need more time to edit it. What I can promise: You'll have it before March 2015.

3. The Shadow Program: I'm currently writing a book completely on Wattpad. It's unedited, and I don't have an outline so I can't say for sure what the ending will be, but I'm really liking where the story is heading. The best part? It's a New Adult spy/assassin story. I'm probably going to self-publish this at some point in 2015 after I finish it and edit it.

4. Cover Reveals: I'm working on getting the new covers for the rest of the Emile Reed Chronicles (only three left, guys!), a cover for As We Fall, a cover for Survival Instinct (read below for more information on this one), and Rebirth. Basically, I have a lot that I'm working on right now.

5. Survival Instinct: So here's the deal, I had every intention of turning this into a full-length novel, but I've since decided that the story would work best as an on-going novella series. The first installment should be out in February. I'm expecting each installment to run around fifty-seventy pages. Each installment will cost only $0.99 as to keep it affordable. (There will also be a collection of each season for those that would rather pay one price for all of the installments.)

<3 Nicole

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