New to My Shelves + Updates!

What I picked up this week:
The Duff by Kody Keplinger

I wasn't entirely sold on the movie trailer for The Duff but everyone keeps insisting that the book is fantastic, so I decided to try it out.

That is actually the only book that I picked up this week because I'm far too behind on my reading. I'm hoping to finish a book or two soon. 

Now, onto the updates!

Collide: Episode One will officially release on December 18th, 2014! This installment is all sorts of fun and it really helps to establish the characters. The cover, which was done by Christa of Paper & Sage Design (who is one of my favorite people ever to work with), will be revealed on Monday! I had to change the cover because over the past year, the stock images with the couple I was using on the old cover ended up becoming really, really, really popular, and I know people hate to see the same stock images again and again. But I honestly feel like this cover is a better fit for the first installment anyway, so it's all good. =)

Survival Instinct: It's finally coming.... soon! I've missed these characters and this setting. I adore these characters (almost) as much as I adore the characters from the Emile Reed Chronicles. What I can say about this story? It is a zombie story, so expect some gore, but it doesn't focus on the zombies. It's more of a character story than anything. You'll be able to see the cover for this book on Wednesday. It was created by Kat Mellon. The cover is all sorts of prettyyyy.

The Untold Stories: I'm still working on this one. I should have a release date by the time Collide: Episode One comes out. The reason why this is taking so long is because I don't feel it's ready for release just yet. It still needs work, especially The Program Manual. (For those unaware, The Program Manual will be released with The Untold Stories.) Once I feel comfortable with the end result, it'll be available for your eyes to read. I promise. You'll probably get this before you get Survival Instinct, honestly.

Decoding Evie: This is looking like a January/February release. I think I'm changing the cover on this one, too. I'm a bit scared to release this story because it's so different from anything I've released. Yes, even Collide. The main difference is that Decoding Evie is basically a romantic comedy, while Collide is a contemporary romance novel.

Here's an updated release schedule for 2015:
Rebirth -- March 2015
As We Fall -- May 2015
As We Rise -- November 2015
Grow Up & Blow Away -- August 2015
Release -- Summer 2015
Is Love: Volumes 4-6 -- Summer 2015

I think that's everything? If I forgot something, please feel free to let me know. I have a crap memory.
I didn't include dates for the rest of the Collide series (four more installments) because I'll be releasing those as I'm ready. And I'm not including dates for The Untold Stories or Survival Instinct because those are releasing over the next couple of months.

<3 Nicole

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