An Update on COLLIDE.

Collide has been the book that I've wanted to trash on numerous occasions. Not because I didn't believe in the story, but because I couldn't stop reworking it. It was always meant to be a one-shot novel. And yet, I wanted to tell more. I wanted to add more.

Which is what has led to my decision to self-publish Collide as a novella series made up of five total episodes. Now, I'm not promising a set release schedule with this series. I want to say you'll receive an installment monthly since the book is done, but given how many times I've trashed this book and started from scratch? It's safe to say, I can't promise things won't change as I work on edits for each episode.

Here's what I can tell you about the five episodes:
1. Each one will only cost $0.99.
2. Each episode will have a minimum of fifty pages (some will be closer to seventy, but all will be over fifty).
3. There will be a collected edition of the series a month after episode five has been published.

Now, for those wondering why I decided to release the story this way:
1. As someone who sucks as self-marketing, I needed to find a way to release this story that would attract readers. Since I've yet to find a method of self-promotion that has really helped readers to discover my books, this feels like the best way. I won't be throwing up a single book and hoping it finds people... that seems to be my normal method.
2. The story works best as a novella series. This book is incredibly personal for me, and I wanted to be sure it was released in the best method possible. For those that haven't been following my blog, this past year has been kind of crappy in my personal life. Some things I've been open about, others I've been rather quiet about. The things I've been quiet about? I found a release for them in this story. Now, don't worry. When I say this book is a lot more light-hearted than my other projects, I do mean just that. Episode one is incredibly fun. Yes, as the episodes move along, the tone will slowly shift, but it won't ever lose that light-hearted feeling, I promise.
3. Releasing this story as a novella series allows me to add more to the story. The novel, even after I've rewritten it so much, did feel a bit stuffed. This allows me to spread the story out a bit more. (With each episode running around 20,000 words, that adds up to a 100,000 word novel.)

I will be revealing a brand new cover very soon.
I will also have a few pre-order links to share by the end of the month. (You'll be able to pre-order episode one through every eBook retailers except for Amazon, sadly.)

And before I go, here's an unedited teaser from Episode One of Collide:

Ben stood, the bag within his grasp, and made his way to the guest bathroom.
“Uh, what are you doing?”
“I’m getting ready for our date.”
“Don’t you have to ask the girl out on a date before you randomly show up at her apartment and tell her that you’re taking her out on a date?” I wasn’t entirely sure how this entire thing worked, really. My past relationships and dating choices weren’t exactly the greatest references of what to expect.
I sat waiting for a response that never came.
A moment later, I heard the bathroom door open. Ben strolled back into the living room dressed in a black button down shirt, black dress pants, and a pair of black leather loafers. His hair, usually tousled, was slicked back, showcasing his gorgeous gray eyes. I’d seen Ben dressed up a few times before, but this? This was absolute perfection.
My mouth fell open and I suddenly became incapable of speaking. Holy. Shit.
“What? I look ridiculous, right?” He hung his head and laughed. “I knew I shouldn’t have allowed Molly to go shopping for me.”
“Ridiculous?” I gawked. “Let’s put it this way: if I was drinking, I’d be doing everything in my power to avoid you right now.”
He arched a brow at me. “Really now?”
“Oh yeah,” I answered. “You’re looking totally doable.”
“Does that mean you’ll go out with me tonight?”
I wanted to laugh in his face. With him looking like that? There was no way in hell I’d be able to say no to going out with him tonight. But I wasn’t going to let him know that. If he was going to do this the right way, I was going to see to it that he did just that. “Maybe,” I answered. “If you ask me properly.”
He smiled and dropped down on his knee in front of me. “Gemma Michaels, will you please go do me the honor of accompanying me tonight on a romantic date?”
I pretended to think about it for a couple of seconds before I finally answered, “Yes, but you have to find a vase for these.” I handed him the tulips. “And thank you, for remembering.”
He shrugged it off. “There’s no need to thank me for remembering that you liked tulips, Gems. I’ve always made it a habit of memorizing what you’ve liked. I like seeing you smile, and I’ll do whatever is needed to do so.”
In that moment, as I made my way to my bedroom to get dressed, I thought that this could work. I finally allowed myself to believe that we could cross that line without destroying anything.

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