Saturday Update!

I've enrolled Arabella in Kindle Select. What this means is that, for the next three months, Arabella will be exclusive to Amazon. This also means that, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can currently read Arabella for free! It's hard to promote a standalone novella, so I'm trying a bunch of different things. Hopefully this helps Arabella to find new readers.

The paperback edition of Stouthearted is now live on Amazon! I ran into a few issues getting the paperback approved, but thanks to the help of Christa of Paper & Sage Design, everything is all good now! I'm really, really, really proud of this book, guys.

I've been catching up on my reading lately. (Finally!) I'm currently reading Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton, and I plan on starting The Fearless by Emma Pass as soon as I finish Seeker.

I'm planning on starting back On My TV soon. I haven't really been watching too many shows so far this season, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and better than ever, so except me to return to covering that. I may also start covering Sleepy Hollow, assuming I catch-up soon. I'll also have a few movie reviews thrown in here and there, just to break things up a bit.

I'm also considering doing a Comics Round-Up post once a week, probably on Friday's. This way I can condense all of my comics updates. I'll post reviews, previews, news, etc. To keep things in line with the blog, I'll try to limit what kind of comics I cover on here.

As for writing updates: I've been busy submitting Collide to publishers, as well as revising Decoding Evie (which looks like will be self-published over the next two months). I'm also working on The Untold Stories (in case you missed the cover, it's over here) and As We Fall. I am still working out a concept for the As We Fall cover, but I'm hoping to have a cover to share by the end of next month. I'm hoping for a December release for As We Fall, but it all depends on how long it takes me to finish writing it and properly edit it.


<3 Nicole

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