Teaser Tuesday: STOUTHEARTED!

I know that this year I've been forced to delay a lot of projects, and this has more than likely frustrated a lot of you... and I get that, I do. But sometimes life is a jackass, and you just have to go with the flow. Which is exactly what I'd been forced to do. On the plus side? Stouthearted, to me, is a very strong book. I actually like it more than Submerged. I worked my butt off on the fight scenes. There's a ton of character development (especially with Taylen). And there's a lot more romance. So I hope that, once it releases next month, you all find it to be worth the wait. *Fingers crossed!*

Anyway, here is a teaser from Stouthearted:

 I could hear Hack’s footsteps as he made his way over towards me; his calloused fingers wrapped around my arm as he shoved me back against what I presumed to be the wall of a Hovercopter. “You were once my main target, yes, but after that stunt you pulled back in Florida? You’re far from my only target, girlie. Soon enough you’ll be with all of the others.”

    It wasn’t hard to decipher who he’d been referring to. It wasn’t just me that Hack’s men had taken. He’d taken the people that I’d tried like hell to protect, knowing that their safety meant more to me than my own. “If you so much as lay a hand on them, I swear...”

    “You swear what?” he teased. “You can’t stop me from doing anything, Taylen. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m not the one with my hands cuffed behind my back. Nor am I the fool with a bag over my head. Not to mention the fact that I have more than enough guards willing to obey my every command.”

    “You mean your weak followers?” Vile coated each and every one of my words as I spoke. “Takeaway their fear, and what reason do they have left to follow you? What reason do they have to fight for you, Hack?”

    “Desperation, the need to survive, the need to protect those that they care about,” he said, a slight wistfulness to his voice. “Not everything is about fear, Taylen. A life built upon fear is a life unlived. I don’t force them to do anything. I simply give them a nudge in the right direction.”

    “Because that’s oh so much better,” sarcasm laced my words as I narrowed my eyes in his direction - not that mattered much with a bag over my head - trying to understand how one man could be so far removed from reality.

     “We need sacrifice. We need discipline, and we need to be reminded that we’re not invincible. That is what I provide them with – a sense of purpose, of life in a world that fell to ignorance. I have no reason to make them fear me, because, unlike you, these folks know what is best for ‘em.”

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