New to My Shelves!

So, remember how I said I was done book shopping until AFTER my trip? Yeah, I lied. I'm a weak individual, sadly. But on the plus side, I did purchase a lot of awesome stuff this week!

First up, let's talk comics because I purchased a lot of those this week:
  • Doctor Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan (Author) and Marcos Martin (Illustrator)
  • She Hulk Volume 3: Issues 1-4
  • Ms. Marvel Volume 3: Issues 2-4
  • Captain Marvel Volume 7: Issue 1
  • Captain Marvel One Shot
  • Elektra Volume 3: Issue 1
  • Inhuman Issues 1 & 2
First off, can we take a moment to squee over the fact that Marvel has found a director for Doctor Strange? Because YAY! Okay, now that I got that out of my system... I went on a comic shopping spree this week because I'm trying to rebuild my collection. And because I needed to catch up on Ms. Marvel (which is fantastic, by the way). Unfortunately for my wallet, Midtown Comics makes it far too easy to shop online so...

Now, onto books!

Books I purchased this week:

I actually have eBook copies of both of these that I purchased last year, but the paperback copies are way too pretty not to own as well. Plus, I prefer the paperback cover of Throne of Glass to the eBook cover.

eBooks that I purchased this week:
Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa Petreshock
The Deep: (The Island Series #3) by Jen Minkman
Remnants by Lisa Tawn Bergren -- this was a freebie
A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

What books did you get this week?

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