Review: Forced Autonomy (Phase 1) by Lila Felix.

Forced Autonomy (Phase 1)Forced Autonomy by Lila Felix
Kindle Edition, 25 pages
Published: January 3rd 2014 by Lila Felix
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Description From Goodreads:
The United States has collapsed. Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes. One: Citizens who have undergone forced lobotomies, as mandated by the United Nations. Two: Those who fight against their tyranny.
Petra Kingsley falls under both classes. She falls in line with the drones, pretending her procedure worked. She’s existed among their ranks, hiding in plain sight, being worked to the bone and starved almost to death.
Lawson is a bounty hunter of sorts. His target isn’t the guilty, it’s those who are lost in the folds of a broken society.
When he spots Petra working in the masses, he stops at nothing to help her escape.
But he has no idea who exactly he’s helping—and who will now be hunting them both?

My Review:
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forced Autonomy was the first story I’ve read by Lila Felix. I actually heard about this from multiple bloggers, and well, since I love dystopians, I decided to check it out.

I definitely enjoyed Forced Autonomy.
It was a quick read that I would’ve gotten through much, much faster had I not been sick. It’s easily something a reader can devour over an hour or two (at most).

So, what’s it about?
Since this is a novella and it’s only around fifty-pages long, I’ll try to keep this short.
Forced Autonomy is a dystopian story that takes place in the fallen United States. The prologue helps to provide a good understanding as to what to expect from this world. It’s dark and miserable, and we get to see that first hand as early as chapter one. Petra has had a rough life – well, everyone in this world has really, but you’ll understand why she’s had it hard when you start reading. I liked her. She’s human. She isn’t Miss Perfect, which was a nice change.

There is a romance in this dystopia, but it isn’t the entire focus of the story. There is an interesting plot unfolding underneath everything, and I’m eager to see where Felix takes this story. (Specifically with Odin.)

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