Taking time to heal.

If you "like" my Facebook page, then you've already seen this note. I figured I'd post it here for those unaware of what is going on.

A lot of release dates are about to be pushed back. Before anyone gets upset with me, I figured I'd explain why I need to do this: This year hasn't been that great. A lot has gone on in my personal life, especially this past week. I had oral surgery last week, and before that I was in serious pain for about a week. I am still in the middle of healing, so I'm still on medication (possible infections are no fun) and that usually knocks me out within minutes of taking it, which leads to me  getting no writing done, add in the fact that someone cleared out my banking account, leaving me nothing, and well, I haven't been able to get much writing done. At all. (By the way, if you're awaiting a prize from me, please, give me time. I don't have a bank account right now. Nothing. This person literally drained EVERYTHING that I had financially.) And something terrible happened with an important person in my life. (That is something I can't get into because it is  extremely personal...but yeah, crappy week just increased after that.)

So I've been pretty stressed, and well, it isn't easy to focus on writing when you're stressed. I know for a fact that Strength will be available next month, and I am still aiming for Deprogrammed to come out next month, but everything after that? I'm not entirely sure yet.

I'm sorry I haven't really been around. I really need to catch up on some book reviews and such, but right now, I need time to myself.

I feel like a jerk for doing this (pushing back dates), but I don't exactly have any other choice right now.

On the plus side, here are the covers for both Strength and Deprogrammed:

What you can expect when I fully return to the blog:

Reviews for:
  • Immortal Eclipse
  • C.I.N
  • Brooklyn Girls
And I'll also be posting an exclusive The Yearning digital short on my blog. I'm still debating whether it'll take place before Harper's story, or after the rooftop scene (which leads into the novel coming in 2014). We'll see.

<3 Nicole

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. I know how life can get stressful at times, but your health must come first! :-)

    Happy reading,
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