Teaser Tuesday: Strength (Outbreak, 0.8) + Updates!

I can't really post anymore teasers from Deprogrammed without spoiling anything, so instead, how about a teaser from Strength (Outbreak, 0.8)?

Taylen was nothing more than a girl clinging to hope that, outside of this hell, there was a free world; a world that we had convinced ourselves no longer existed, although, in reality, we were the reason that it had stopped existing.
We allowed ourselves to forget, allowing the dreadful memories of the Outbreak to overshadow the happier ones.
After living under Troum's rule for ten-years, it was easy to forget what once was.
I had almost forgotten, but she reminded me.
I took one last glance at my room, at the Sector clothes that lay in a pile by my bed, and reached for the doorknob.
This would be a new beginning, a chance to start over, something we hadn’t been given after the Outbreak.
And because I fail at blogging anymore, here are a few updates:

In May, Submerged will be going on tour.

Here is the current schedule:
May 13 - Rotten Apple Reads *Interview

May 14 - Library of a Book Witch *Guest post
Shortie Says *Review & Excerpt (blogger's choice)
I Talk Books! *Review & Favorite Quote
The serial reader *Review & Favorite Quotes

May 15 - Paranormal Indulgence *Interview 
Leeanna.me *Review
We Fancy Books *Blurb & Excerpt (blogger's choice)
Magic of Words *Blurb & Playlist (blogger's choice)
Moosubi Reviews! *Review & Favorite Quote

May 16 - Love of Books *Guest post
Primrose Musings *Review & Favorite Quote
A Dream Within A Dream *Review & Excerpt (blogger's choice)
The Eater of Books *Review & Favorite Quotes

May 17 - The Cherry on Top *Interview
Whatever You Can Still Betray *Blurb & Excerpt (blogger's choice)

And in July, Program 13 will be going on tour. If you're interested, you can currently sign up for that one by going here.

I posted this on Facebook, but just in case anyone missed it, here it goes:
Just a heads up: I'm currently moving my books from Smashwords to Draft2Digital, so there is a chance you'll see duplicates for each title over the various e-retailers for at least a week. (Knowing Smashwords, they'll end up taking longer than a week.)
 I'm not a huge fan of Smashwords. At all. They take too long to process updates (prices, covers, descriptions, file changes, etc), and I don't care for the way they process files. Draft2Digital on the other hand, is the exact opposite. They process files quickly, make it easy to edit any listings, and they provide a somewhat real time sales report (it can be off by a few hours at times, but that is better than Smashwords and their monthly report system). And the best part? Draft2Digital's formatting system is snazzy. 

One Final Update:
Other than a few reviews, I won't be around much over the next month. I'm working to get both Strength and Deprogrammed ready for publication, which is going to eat up a lot of my time. If you've submitted a review request, no worries, I will have your reviews up ASAP. If you're waiting on a prize, that will be sent out by the end of the week.


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