Teaser Tuesday: Deprogrammed.

I have two small teasers for you guys today. :)

First, here is one from Deprogrammed:

Their love, their need to save me, would only end up destroying them if I couldn’t find a way to stop McVeigh.
Older Deprogrammed teasers that I've posted on Facebook (for those that have missed them):
It felt as though I had been trapped inside of a coffin, able to hear, to feel, to think, but unable to reveal my identity.
I focused on the sound of the light buzzing noise that came from the sides of the Pod, my only indicator that the mist was still activated.
It had been weeks – possibly even longer – since my eyes had opened.
McVeigh had succeeded in restoring Program Thirteen, but he had failed in ridding her system of me.
I had expected her to fight me off, but from what I was able to gather, Thirteen had not remembered me, the only positive to come from the deprogramming. I was nothing more than a ghost file living on her program now.
As long as I remained undetected, I stood a chance at saving both my family and Colton.
But I knew it was only so long before they located my file.
And when they did? I would be a goner.
The cover and synopsis will both be revealed on May 16th. If you'd like to participate in the reveal, send me an e-mail: NicoleWritesYA(at)gmail(dot)com

And now here is a teaser from... Strength!

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so the saying went.
Two days ago, our lives changed. Again. We’d been living under the rule of Troum for so long that I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be free, to live a life outside of these walls.
The days before the Outbreak were days that I would forever cherish; days that held happier memories – of my sister, my mother, our family.
My father and I had found a way to manage, to suppress the pain, the longing, but times like now, I found myself eager to reclaim what was once, and she had only made that desire stronger.
She had, in a way, forced me awake; opened my eyes to new possibilities I had not thought to be achievable after the Outbreak. She made freedom seem attainable, although at a price.
Strength is Ana's digital short that will be released in June.
I wasn't going to reveal the title until next month but I figured I'd do it now. This short takes place during Submerged. It'll give readers a closer look at Ana's character while also helping to explain why, and how, she managed to get away from the Sectors.

I still have a ton of writing to do on Deprogrammed before I even enter the first phase of extreme edits, which is why I don't have a set release date just yet. It does take a bit to edit a 70k word novel, but I'm hoping that between me, Grammarly, and my betas, I'll have a polished manuscript before June. But being that life can be a jerkface sometimes, I can't guarantee anything just yet. I want this book to be the best that it can be, I refuse to just hit "publish" and be on my way. The second book in a series is very important, so it needs to be perfect before it goes out to the public. This may mean pushing it back a month, but we'll see.

<3 Nicole

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