Saturday Update!

It has been awhile since I have done one of these. I want to apologize for that. Honestly, things have been extremely chaotic in my personal life, so it has been difficult to find time to read, to write and to keep this blog up to date... but I am trying! :)

News that Submerged fans will enjoy: Ana's digital short will be released in June! I will be revealing the title and cover next month while the blog tour for Submerged is taking place. Ana is a minor character in the first book, but she'll play a bigger role in the sequel, so I felt it was only fair for you guys to get to know her better. (Fun fact: street team members will receive a signed manuscript copy of Ana's story next month.)

Secret Project: I started a secret project. I'm writing it to submit to three publishers in particular. If they end up rejecting it - whenver I finish it, that is - then I'll upload it in full on WattPad. It isn't my top priority, as I do have a lot of projects on my plate, but it is something that I am continuously working on. (And yes, it is a New Adult read.)

Street Team Package # 1: This is the first package street team members will be receiving: a Program 13 notebook, a few Submerged stickers, and signed Program 13 bookmarks (not pictured). I'm still fighting to get the Submerged bookmarks printed correctly, but once they are ready to go, each street team member will receive 15 of those to hand out initially. :)

Back to Submerged news:
Submerged will be going on tour May 13th through May 17th. I'm excited, yet nervous. It is terrifying to know that so many bloggers are reading Taylen's story right now. I've already convinced myself that they are going to hate it, so this is very nerve-wrecking for someone like me. This will be the first of two blog tours for me, as Program 13 will be going on tour in July, so hopefully this one goes well!

One final note: I'm currently working on Deprogrammed. There is a good chance it'll be pushed back to June, but I'm definitely trying to finish it by the end of this month. Betas, I'll let you all know as soon as it is ready to go. (Note: you'll get the digital short, Standby, a few weeks after to beta - if you want.) This book is a lot darker than the first one, but Emile's voice is also less robotic, so the tone will be a bit different from Program 13. It'll definitely make a few of you cry, that much I'm sure of.

<3 Nicole

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