Is Love (Volume 2): Teaser!

If you've read Is Love (Volume 1) and you are eagerly awaiting the release of Volume 2, which comes out on Sunday, then I have a special treat for you today. I've decided to post a snippet from the first chapter on the blog:

Love had led me here. It had made me question what I believed, what I wanted, what I needed; it forced me to see the possibilities in life that I had never known existed.
Love had been my greatest joy, but also my greatest downfall.
Roslyn tugged on my arm as she pulled me along beside her through the dimly lit tunnel. “We have to hurry,” she said, her voice trembling. “We have to get out before it is too late.”
Outside, screams from the residents of Compound One filled the air, eliciting a chill throughout my body.
The only thing that kept me moving was the possibility of seeing him again; of seeing his face, and the smile that made everything seem alright because right now it felt as though the world was collapsing around me. And in a way, it was.
Whatever secrets Compound One was harboring, the council seemed desperate to keep them hidden. Desperate enough to kill.
Not that their idea of a solution surprised me.
After all, they’d punished us for falling in love. Killing us in fear that their secrets would be exposed? Of course murder had been the obvious choice for them. It not only prevented their secrets from escaping, but it also made it so that they took care of another problem: us.
My foot caught on a steel pipe, forcing me to fumble forward. Roslyn spun around, a worried look filled her eyes. “Are you alright, Ridley?”
“As alright as one can be in a situation like this,” I said, taking to my feet.
We lay back against the tunnel walls, fully taking in the sounds of the cries from outside, both of us silent, unable to say what we had both felt: this wasn’t right.
It wasn’t right that we had been treated as criminals simply for falling in love, for allowing our hearts to lead us to happiness as opposed to having our lives and our futures decided for us.
It wasn’t right that we’d been separated from the others, as though we were diseased animals; deadly to those willing to obey the rules.
It was not right that something so pure, so fulfilling, could be denied.
“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I asked, finally composing myself enough to speak.
“Who, Jolene?” Roslyn asked.
I nodded.
“I’m not sure, honestly,” she said, taking a step forward. “She’s strong, but I’m not sure that matters.”
“Why wouldn’t it matter?”
“Ridley, strength doesn’t matter when you have nothing left worth fighting for.”   
Is Love (Volume 2) will be exclusive to Amazon until April 22nd, when the first three installments will be available from other retailers.

Also, it is worth noting that I've finally listed my titles on OmniLit and All Romance eBooks. :)

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