Happy Valentine's Day From Taylen & Glate!

Today is Valentine's Day, it also happens to be the release day for "Submerged".

I figured I'd post a small excerpt featuring Taylen and Glate. They are a pretty adorable couple (though I'm pretty biased), and I adore them to bits. So, here is a random snippet from midway through the book - no worries, it doesn't really spoil anything:

I went to sit down next to her, but Glate grabbed my hand, pulling me back to my feet. “I don’t think so,” he said, shaking his head. “Come with me, okay?” I hesitated, wanting to stay here with Penelope. “They’ll watch over her, I promise.”
“Taylen, she’ll be fine,” Milo agreed. “We won’t let anything happen to her.”
Reluctantly, I followed Glate further up the trail, where we veered off to the right, near an abandoned home. “I just needed some time with you. I hope that’s okay.”
We stopped beside the house, his hands reaching for mine. “Things have been crazy,” he said, pressing me back against the concrete wall. “But I need to know that, if something happens, at least I’ll have felt what it is like to kiss you once more.”
Glate stretched my arms above my head and crushed his body against mine. He touched his lips to my neck, leaving a trail of kisses until he found my lips. His gray eyes met mine briefly, and I could see the hunger in them, the passion that burned deep inside of him. I could see it because I felt it too.
He brushed his lips against mine, letting out a small moan. “I thought I lost you, Taylen.” He dug his fingers into my waist, hitching my leg over his hip. “When they took you from me in the Homeless Sector, I thought that was it; that I’d never see you again.”
He hitched my other leg over his hip, careful to adjust my holster so that I was straddling him. “I know we haven’t known each other long, I know that, but there’s something about you.”
Oh how I wanted him to shut up. I wanted him to press his lips to mine, to erase the hell that we were surrounded by. I wanted to lose myself in him.
“There’s something about you that I can’t shake. All I can think about is you. All I want,” he paused, moving his hands to my lower back, “Is you.”
The feel of his body against mine created a warmth that radiated off of him, enveloping me, forcing me into a frenzy.
Running his hands up my chest, he pulled on the sleeves of my t-shirt, exposing my shoulder. “Glate,” I moaned, “Please.”
“Is something wrong?”
“Follow me.” I untangled myself from him, pulling him behind me as I made my way inside of the abandoned home.
The house was small, with two empty bedrooms and one bathroom. The inside was empty, and the walls were cracked, as though it was on its last legs. Not that I cared. All that mattered to me was that it provided some sort of privacy.
Glate wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me against him. We crashed to the wooden floor, our bodies entangled with one another. He leaned down, pressing his ear to my chest. “Your heart’s racing.”
“Thanks for the memo, captain obvious.” I snickered.
“You’re something else,” he grinned.
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
With his arm wrapped around me, Glate rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. His gray eyes were warm and welcoming, as was the smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Even with the dirt and scars that covered his body, the boy was still a looker.
“What?” he asked, running his fingers down my arm.
“You’re lying.” He gripped the front of my t-shirt, pulling me down, closer to him. Glate moved his face inches away from mine. His lips hovering over mine. “What are you thinking about?”
Talk about a loaded question. Right now, here, in his arms, all I was thinking about was him, and how much I wanted to hit him for that. But hitting him would’ve ruined the moment, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. Not yet. Because if I allowed this to end, it’d be back to reality, and reality kind of sucked.
You can purchased Submerged through the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble (coming soon!), and Smashwords for $2.99.

Happy Valentine's Day!
<3 Nicole

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