Happy Release Day: "Submerged"!

"Submerged" was scheduled for an early release yesterday, and then life happened. I apologize for that.

BUT! "Submerged" is now available through Smashwords (here) for $2.99.
It should be live on Amazon soon, as well as Barnes & Noble (I'm uploading that file right now).

The paperback edition will go live most likely on Monday or Tuesday. I still have to finish formatting that. I'm not sure what the cost will be just yet, but I'm doing my best to keep it low. (CreateSpace sets a minimum, so I don't have that much control over it.)

I should mention that "Submerged" is not intended for readers younger than sixteen, as there is some profanity and some of the romance scenes might be a bit much for young readers. And there is some violence, completely forgot to mention that.

Don't forget, I'm still taking title suggestions for Ana's short story. (I'm trying to keep with the "S" theme I've got going on right now).

<3 Nicole

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  1. YAYYYY!!!! Congrats!!!! I will definitely be in touch for the blitz - coming soon!


    Splinter(ed) or (s)

    I don't know if those are similar to what you want for the story, but I hope it helps!

    Also, I cannot wait for Submerged to be in paperback! The cover is going to look AMAZING :D