"Is Love (Volume 1)" Available Now!

The first of my twelve releases for this year is now available.
You can pick-up a copy of Is Love (Volume 1) from Amazon right now for only $0.99. (Note: I'm working on Smashwords, once I upload there and they approve it for premium, they'll begin distributing it to B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple, etc.)

The eBook is only $0.99, however, I should probably mention again that this is only a novelette. It is not a full novel, and the next installment won't be available until late next month.

There will be a print volume of all three installments in April. The cover reveal and pricing information for that will be available at some point in February.

Here is a random excerpt from Is Love (Volume 1).

I could feel the needles piercing my skin, and the tearing sensation as the tracker was set in place, but I didn’t react.
My mind was elsewhere – with Kieran, imagining the pain he must’ve been experiencing.
They’d told us that natural love was selfish.
They’d sworn that natural love was wrong.
And although I wouldn’t have traded how I felt about Kieran, or how he made me feel, I found myself wondering if they were right after all because love wasn’t supposed to destroy a person. It was supposed to build them up, to make them better than they were on their own, but our love was destroying him, piece by piece.

If you are interested in reading more, you can pick up the first volume by heading over here.

<3 Nicole


  1. I read a great review for this today and quickly added it to my TBR list. It sound amazing, Can't wait to read it!