Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop: Winners!

Holy crap, there were A LOT more entries than I expected, so picking the winners was pretty difficult. (Don't worry, I do giveaways fairly often on this blog, so if you didn't win today, you'll have other chances to win stuff.)

From I Am a Reader, Not a Writer's blog: Start the New Year off right - Make a resolution to declutter your bookshelf and share your books with others.  
"This is your chance to clear out your overflowing bookshelf and pass some of your books on to other book lovers.  Time to pass on those books that just weren't for you or the review copies that you are never going to get read."

Just a refresher, these were the books up for grabs:

I need the following five people to e-mail me at NicoleWritesYA[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll try to respond ASAP, but I'm a bit under the weather right now, so don't be surprised if it takes me a few days to get back to you:
 Tiffany Sill - You won "Pretty Amy"
Twister J - You won "Carrier of the Mark"
Catie Taylor @ Movies in my Head - You won "Croak"
BookInHand - You won "Legacy"
Cassandra! :D - You won "Allegiance"
Congrats to all of the winners!
Everyone else, I wish I could giveaway more books, but I do hold giveaways every couple of weeks, so if you didn't win today, you'll have plenty of other chances to win stuff on this blog.

And just because: The first five people to message me at the e-mail above will receive a free eBook copy of either Program 13 or Capture (whichever you prefer).
<3 Nicole

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