Book Spotlight: American Ghoul

This is a day late (my apologies!), but today I have a book spotlight for all of you!

American Ghoul

A young punk rocker comes of age by accepting who he is
on the way to becoming the ghoul he wants to be.

In the Summer of 1977 Howard Pickman loses both of his parents in a fire. In a moment he finds himself leaving the deep south, bound for New Jersey. Within a few days Howard moves in with his grandmother and learns that they share the same dark family secret.

Living as a family of ghouls in a small town in New Jersey is difficult, but keeping up appearances turns out to be harder when Howard finds himself starting his senior year at a new school.

“Forget vampires, zombies, and werewolves. Ghouls are the new face of monster horror. And in AMERICAN GHOUL, Walt Morton has written the Urtext of ghoul fiction. Not since Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN has an author penned such an original tale of macabre terror. The creep factor in Morton's debut novel is off the charts, the humor is dark, and the characters are disturbingly real. For every geek, nerd, or  outsider  who's  been  bullied  in high school, this book is for you. For  everyone  else,  you'll  want  to  be
cremated after you die."

- Eric Coyote, author of THE LONG DRUNK

Walt Morton is a writer, photographer, and artist. AMERICAN GHOUL, his debut novel, has been called “The Tom Sawyer of horror fiction.” With this book he is continuing a decade-long exploration into the macabre via photography, film, painting and writing. Walt has lectured at the British Film Institute and studied intensively in five martial arts.  AMERICAN GHOUL is his first of a planned sextet of books that reinvent the supernatural horror genre. Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, he now lives in Venice, California with his dog, Juniper.

American Ghoul is currently available in Kindle format on Amazon.com. The paperback edition will be available to order from January 15th, 2013!

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  1. Ghouls - creepy! I don't think I've read anything about ghouls before! Interesting how it's set in 1977 :)