Saturday Update!

I actually have a lot to talk about this Saturday:
  • I'm working on finishing up Volume 1 of the Is Love novelette series. The first installment will be released in late January, the second installment in late February and the final installment in late March. If you're interested in beta reading Volume 1, please send an e-mail to NicoleWritesYA[at]gmail[dot]com. I need people willing to tell me when I screw up (which tends to be a lot, haha).
  • I'm also working on Collide, which I really, really, really love. As someone in her early twenties, I'm thoroughly enjoying writing this one. As soon as Is Love (Vol. 1) is done, I will be focusing on this novel. I'm still planning on releasing it in February, however, if I can't finish the manuscript by January 14th, that might change. I need time for editing (well, to hire an editor), so we'll see. I'm working my butt off right now to get it done on time. If I cut out the naps, we should be good. ;)
  • I released We Are All Strangers, a collection of short stories, on December 24th. As of right now, you can only purchase it through Amazon and Smashwords. The collection includes six of my short stories, all of which center around secrets. You can purchase the eBook for $0.99, or you can pick-up a paperback copy for $4.50 from Amazon. (Note: For some reason the font switches sizes on the Smashwords edition. I'm working on fixing that now, so if you're copy is a bit off, you can always re-download it when I upload the new file.)
  • I have a lot of projects going on right now. A lot. But even though I'm focusing on the Emile Reed series, I have not forgotten about Capture. There will be a collection of shorts released around May 2013. (Note: Release does not have a set release date yet, but I'm aiming for Fall 2013.) The Thanksgiving Day short, as well as the Christmas POV special, will be included, but it'll mainly be short stories featuring various characters from Capture.
  • Oh, and Capture might be getting a cover change. I contacted a cover designer for a quote, so we'll see!
  • I'm having some issues with the swag I ordered for Allegiance (they are having trouble printing the bookmarks correctly), so if you're waiting on swag from me, just know that it'll probably be a bit before I send anything out. I'm working with them right now to try and fix it, but as of right now, it looks like I'm going to have to adjust a few things in order for the bookmarks to be printed correctly.
  • Submerged has a series name. Okay, fine, it is only a duology, but I'm planning some shorts (one of which explains why Glate is in the Family Sector and why he agrees to help Taylen). From now on, I will refer to Submerged as the Outbreak series (you'll understand why when you read it). The book is still in query-land, so I don't actually have any news to share, but I'm hoping I'll receive a response soon.
I'm going to try and post something special for New Year's Day. Not sure which series it'll be from, or what it'll be, but I'm working on something for all of you.

Before I end this: I have a special task for all of you: If you can help me reach twelve reviews on Program 13 by January 1st, I will do a giveaway for the entire Lux series (well, what has been released so far) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - yes, that does include a pre-order copy of Shadows in paperback.

I'm off to work on Is Love (Volume 1) and get some much needed reading done!

<3 Nicole

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