New to My Shelves (20) + Updates.

Today's New to My Shelves post is also going to be my weekly update post.

eBooks Purchased:
  • Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie (Freebie)
  • Living Violet (The Cambion Chronicles #1) by Jaime Reed (Freebie)
  • Metamorphosis (Hell Bent/Heaven Sent #5) by Isobel Lucas (Review Coming Soon!)
  • Relatively Famous by Jessica Park (Freebie)

Writing Updates:

  1. Submerged has undergone some changes. Both the prologue (new addition) and the epilogue are from Lex's POV. The old epilogue is now chapter forty-one. Adding these two scenes helped to answer some important questions my betas brought to my attention. I'm really happy with these additions, especially since the epilogue sets up the next book pretty well. I plan on letting this one sit for a bit before I even consider edits and such. I need to do another read through before I send it anywhere.
  2. I've started back on Collide. I'm switching back and forth between the Is Love series and Collide. This book is a lot lighter than my other projects. There are plenty of cheesy pick-up lines and smexy scenes. Again, I need to point out that this is a NEW ADULT title. Unlike my other books, I definitely wouldn't suggest anyone under the age of seventeen reading this one when it is released in February.
  3. Is Love (Vol. 1) will be available in full via Wattpad a week before it is published on Amazon in late January. You can find me on Wattpad by heading over here.
  4. Rare Talents and The Yearning will only be available for one more week. I'm currently formatting We Are All Strangers for release later this month. Given that both shorts will be available in this collection, I don't feel right selling them individually, especially since WaAS will only be $0.99. 
  5. The first review for Allegiance has been posted on Goodreads. I'm really excited to release this novelette next Tuesday. :)
Speaking of We Are All Strangers, I changed the cover recently, mainly because I hated the old one:

All of the stories in We Are All Strangers focus on secrets, although I should probably mention that Loss of Time is a bit more personal than the other shorts. LoT is a story I wrote for an anthology call; it was written shortly after my grandmother passed.I wasn't originally planning on including it, but I've since decided that it fits in nicely with the other stories, so it'll be the last short in this collection.

We Are All Strangers will release on December 25th, as well as Allegiance (which will be $0.99). And I'll also be posting chapter six of Capture from Ian's POV. So yeah, the 25th is going to be a big day

For those interested: Program 13 is still $0.99 on Amazon. Once the price updates on Sony, it'll go back to $2.99, so if you have yet to purchase an eBook copy, you should do so now.

Some links worth mentioning:
  • You can win one of two signed paperbacks of Program 13 over here. (There's also a short interview available at the link).
  • My December giveaways are still going on, and you are still able to enter if you have yet to do so.
  • I posted a Collide teaser on my Facebook page.
  • You can read the 1st chapter of Is Love (Vol. 1) by going here.

<3 Nicole

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