I updated the file for Rare Talents on Amazon as I noticed a few typos (I have multiple copies of the document saved, and I apparenly uploaded the wrong one). But it should be fine now. I've also removed it from Smashwords until I can fix the formatting so that they'll allow it to go Premium.

Submerged has been sent to my beta readers in full. It took me all night to finish running the document through Grammarly, but around 1:30AM last night, I finally finished. I'm happy with how I ended the story but I know that there are still some issues with it, which is why I called for betas.I'm not sure how people are going to like it, like I said, it is far from being the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games. I just hope that readers will enjoy reading about Taylen and Glate. If you like romance, action and suspense, I think you'll enjoy Submerged, but who knows?

I'm working on Allegiance again so I'm back in Vesta Corp world. As soon as I finish this short, I'll announce what the secret Emile Reed extra is. If all goes as planned, the-as-of-yet-revealed extra will be released around April 2013. Don't hold me to that though.;)

For those wondering how I'm doing on NaNo, my current word count is: 20,174. I'm not doing the regular NaNo session this year since I have a lot of projects going on at once, so that word count is actually split between two projects.

Back to writing I go!

<3 Nicole

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