Teaser Tuesday (02): Allegiance

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

This Teaser Tuesday post is going to be a bit different. Today, I have an unedited teaser from Allegiance, Alexis' novelette (releasing on December 25th). Do NOT read this if you haven't read Program 13 as it might spoil some things for you:

It had been three days since I’d last heard from Hayden. Three days that I’d spent locked away in a hotel room directly across from Hell.
Okay, so Vesta Corp wasn’t Hell, but it might as well have been. Charles McVeigh was set on constructing a perfect world, one in which he would have complete control. His way of accomplishing that? Building Programs.
I’d heard about Vesta Corp years prior, but it wasn’t until Hayden asked me to assist in rescuing his sister that I truly knew what took place inside. And now that I knew, I really wished that I hadn’t.
McVeigh insisted that Programs were very much alive, but I’d never seen eyes more vacant than I had when I met Thirteen. When Emile was alive, her green eyes were full of life; they shone like stars in the night sky, full of hope and wonder. But now, they were dead, and so was she.
The novelette will run around 10k words. It'll be through the point of view of Alexis.

Things you'll need to know going into Allegiance:
  • Just because a character has died in an earlier installment, it doesn't mean they are actually gone.
  • This short will bridge the gap between Program 13 and Deprogrammed. It'll start off the chaos that is to come.
Note: the text above will most likely change before publication in December.

<3 Nicole

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