Talking about "Allegiance".

Allegiance, the second digital short in the Emile Reed Chronicles, is set for a December 25th release. I'm still finishing it up, but I'm expecting to have it complete by Wednesday next week at the latest (though I'm aiming more for a Monday finish). Then I'll put it aside for a week before I begin editing it.

Even though I'm still working on it, I just wanted to let you guys know what you can expect from Alexis' novelette:
  • How the Programs function will be covered in this digital short. The skin treatment process will be discussed, as well as how their bodies still function after death.
  • You'll also find out how Alexis plays into Emile's story (yes, you'll see her again).
Possibly spoilerish:
I recently read a review where the reader didn't understand why McVeigh was using corpses to create Programs. I will touch on this throughout the series, as more is revealed about Charles McVeigh, but it is a power thing (having complete control, as opposed to having to force a person into complying to undergo the transformation).

One more thing to keep in mind:  
Allegiance will not be longer than 10k words (which is why it'll only be a digital short), so not all of your questions will be answered from Program 13. But you also have to remember that there are still two books and two digital shorts to come after Allegiance, so at some point, everything will be answered. =)

And just a heads up: there will be a new cover for Deprogrammed coming soon. I want to keep the eye theme going on the novels, so both Deprogrammed and Rebooted will feature Emile's eye as opposed to her face. I think it is important that the covers flow, and now they will.

I'll also have the cover ready for Decoding Evie soon. I'm just trying to find the perfect Aidan for the cover. And since you've managed to get through this post, here is the release date for Decoding Evie: June 16th, 2013. I know that seems far away, but the new year will be here before you know it. ;)

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