Saturday Update!

Lots to talk about today!

1) Have you heard of Young Adult and Teen Readers on Facebook? They are a fantastic group of reviewers, and they are currently hosting an awesome giveaway that you totally need to check out. They are giving away a Kindle Fire, a $100 gift card and a $50 gift card. For more information on how to enter, go here.

Michelle, one of the reviewers from Young Adult and Teen Readers, actually posted her review for Capture earlier this week too. She gave it 4/5 stars and called it a "futuristic witch battle", which actually sums it up quite nicely.

Here's a bit of her review:
I adore anything paranormal so this book started off good for me. Autumn is a believable teen who grows into her role as a lock butt save the world heroine. The story itself is a very quick read packed with action. Adding in the concept of an evil half brother who was unknown to almost everyone is and alluring combination.

2) Swag! I've finally ordered some swag...well, for Program 13. I ordered 100 bookmarks. I'm not entirely sure how they'll look as I'm not the best with Photoshop. I mean, the images looked fine, but who knows what they'll look like printed. Those should be in soon (they were shipped on Friday)!

That would be the front of the bookmarks.

I will be making bookmarks for Capture. At some point. I'm actually trying to find a stock image that captures my idea of Ian, this way I can have some bookmarks featuring Ian and some featuring Autumn. I'm also getting stickers made for Allegiance. Oh, and there will be a few notebooks featuring the cover of Collide. We like swag, no?

3) Is Love (Volumes 1-3): There will be a slight delay in the publication of Is Love, but I have a good reason for this. I'm going to publish all three volumes in January 2013. These will be eBook's only, but there will be a print edition with all three volumes combined (I'll do a cover reveal for that later this week).

4) Still no news on Submerged: I'm going to submit the book to one of my favorite publishers this December, so you probably won't be hearing much about it until then.

5) Collide: I will finally reveal the synopsis on November 15th. When I do, I plan on revealing the cover for Decoding Evie (set for summer 2013). Collide will be a stand alone New Adult novel. I will not be doing any shorts for this release, and I'm definitely not going to be doing a sequel. However, I will be including a few bonus chapters at the end of the print book when it is released in February. These chapters will be written from Cole's POV. =)

6)  Deprogrammed: I will be in my writing cave this November, which means I will only be doing about one review a week. I plan on knocking out the first draft of Deprogrammed during NaNo. The book is set for a March release (most likely late March), but I will begin accepting ARC requests come this December. I'm going to do my best to make sure that it isn't a filler novel. I will say this: things will get worse before they get better.

That's it for today. I'm going to be doing a lot of writing over the weekend since my internet will most likely still be down. At least that is a plus. I spend way too much time on the interweb as it is (darn you, Tumblr).

<3 Nicole


  1. Yay for updates! I love your Saturday news. And yay for swag!

    Just a note - I wanted to let you know that I have recently bought Capture and Program 12, and you sent me a print copy of Program 13, so I'll be reading (and posting a review) for each one, hopefully soon!