Happy release day, "Capture".

"Capture" is finally available! Well, the eBook is... the paperback should follow next week. Here's the thing though, and please, don't kill me: I've enrolled "Capture" in Amazon's KDP Select Promo. What this means is that the eBook is exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. I did this for a reason. With so many YA titles coming out everyday, it is hard to stand out. I want to take advantage of the freebie days they provide authors, in hopes of building interest in my books. After the 90 days, I do plan on publishing it through Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, but for now, you'll only find it through Amazon.

To celebrate, here is a small snippet from "Capture":

“You’ll have two hours here to do as you please, might I suggest, however, that you use your time wisely?” Ahora looked at Ian, who winked back at her. She tried to fight the smile twitching at the corners of her lips but ultimately failed. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours then.”
I watched as she skipped towards the door and slammed it shut behind her. “So, you’re not planning on killing me, right?” I laughed, spinning around in order to take in the sheer amount of weapons that covered the walls.
In the back of the room, standing in front of a wall of knives, were practice dummies. “We’re going to be using these to practice, right?” Ian looked at me, and broke into a fit of laughter. “Autumn, I’m not going to kill you.”
“Good,” I said as I approached a wall full of guns. “Because I’m beginning to enjoy your company.”
“Ah, so you’re using me?” Ian fell to his knees, his right hand pressed tightly against his chest. “That hurts my heart, Autumn.”
  “Oh, stop it,” I scoffed. “Get off the floor, will you? You’re supposed to be training me.”
“Fine, fine.” Ian laughed, lifting himself back up. “What would you like to start with?”
I turned to stare at the back wall. “How about those?”
“Knives?” Ian raised his eyebrow questioningly. “Really?”
“Hey, you asked.”
“Fine, knives it is.” He walked over to the back wall, slowly, as if purposely trying to annoy me. He reached forward, removing four small daggers from the wall, two of which he handed to me. “It’s probably best you know how to throw these at least.”

And because I'm in a sharing mood, here is a random snippet from "Submerged":

“What’s the matter, Princess?” Kenny shoved me against the shack again. “Scared you might get dirty?” As the gang of boys moved in closer, eliminating the space between us, I slipped my hand out of my pocket, knife in tow, and readied myself to fight back if needed.
He pressed his palm against my cheek and smiled. “You know, I recognize you.”
“Is that so?” I asked harshly.
“Yeah, you’re the girl from the tablets.” Kenny smiled, dropping the knife from his sleeve, into his open palm. “Troum issued a Kill Order for you, didn’t he?” When I didn’t answer, he ran the tip of his knife against my cheek. I could hear Glate’s muffled screams in the crowd, but I still couldn’t see him.
“He never shuts up, does he?” Kenny snickered, digging the tip of the knife into my skin. Warm liquid trickled down my cheek. Blood. Fire burned beneath my skin as my mind registered pain. But even though I wanted to cry, even though I wanted to give up, I refused to showcase my fear, because that was what Kenny and his guys wanted.
They wanted me to crumble with fear, and that just wasn’t going to happen. Kenny dug the blade in deeper, and I bit back my tears, even though the cold blade stung against the open wound. “Don’t you worry about your friend over there." He smiled. “I’ll see to it that he is taken care of.”
His words were callous, threatening, and that was all it took. I snapped, unable to tolerate the pain any longer. Rage pulsed through my veins, and I gripped the knife tightly in my right hand. He smiled when he saw the small blade. “What are you planning on doing with that, Princess?”
Kenny and the rest of the boys broke into a fit of laughter. “This.” I smirked. I threw my right arm forward and dug the knife into his left side, tearing open his skin. His eyes widened as he took in the blood that covered his white t-shirt. “And don’t you dare call me Princess.”
I'm in edit hell with this novel at the moment, but I'm hoping to find a home for this book over the next few months. I really, really love this story and I think that you guys will too. There's romance. There's action. There's humor. There's a bit of everything. If I can't find a home for it, I will consider self-publishing it, but I really want to go the traditional route with this one.

And that's that for today.
I have edits to work on.

<3 Nicole

P.S. To those of you who have purchased "Program 13" already, I want to say thank you. Seriously. You're awesome.

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