Friday Update.

I'm in panic mode at the moment. My file for Capture will not open so that I can do final edits. I'm hoping that it is just my work computer being stupid, and that it'll open once I go home. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, here are some updates on what is going on in my world:
  • Program 13 (The Emile Reed Chronicles, #1): I'm going to knock out the rest of my edits on Program 13 this weekend. ARCs will begin making their way out next week. The eBook and paperback will then go live on the 27th. I've gone ahead and included the first three chapters of Program 13 in the back of the Program 12 eBook (which is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords).
  • Capture (Capture, #1): Capture is still scheduled for an August 20th release, I just need to do another read through before I upload the file. I found some typos in my proof copy, so, assuming that my Word file decides to behave later on tonight, I should be able to knock those edits out over the weekend as well. 
  • Submerged: I was originally planning on querying Submerged this month, but with everything that is going on, I'm going to hold off until late September. I want to do at least one more thorough read through, and I can't do that when I'm worrying about Capture and Program 13. While I can't say much about Submerged, I  will say this: you're going to love chapter twelve. ;)
  • We Are All Strangers: I actually removed this one temporarily because I want to add more short stories to the collection. It won't be back until at least late September, but with the new stories, I think it'll be worth the wait.
  • WIPs: I'm about to dive back into Is Love, and I'm also working on outlines for two novels: Deprogrammed (The Emile Reed Chronicles, #2) and Surviving the Apocalypse (think of it like a YA Shaun of the Dead - it's going to be a fun novel). Oh, and then there's the short story I'm drafting for an anthology call for a specific publisher.
For NaNo this year, I'll be working on the new draft of Deprogrammed. For those of you who have been following The Emile Reed Chronicles from the get go, you may remember that I started on a version told from Colton's point-of-view. That draft has since been shelved, and I'm starting over. I know exactly where the next two books will go (I plotted them out before I finished writing Program 13), so I'm kind of eager to dive back into Emile's world. There will be a short story that bridges the gap between Program 13 and Deprogrammed. Like Program 12, it'll only run around 3,000 words and it'll only be available as an eBook. The title for that short will be released in December.

While I'm ready to go with the rest of The Emile Reed Chronicles, I doubt I'll have the second Capture book ready before August 2013. See, Capture was written in 2010 - two years ago. Program 13 was written in late 2010/early 2011, but unlike Capture, I've been working on it since then, so I've never really left that mindset. With Capture, I only started working on it again in late 2011. I do know what I want to do with the sequel...that isn't the problem. It's just that I'm not in the right mindset to work on Release right now. I have to delve back into Autumn's world, and I'm still stuck in Emile's. Basically, what I'm saying is that, yes, Release will be available in 2013...but it'll be after the next Emile Reed novel. Sorry guys!

I'm going to go cry now until my Word doc decides to be nice and open.
<3 Nicole

P.S. I'll have covers for Deprogrammed and Rebooted for you all on the 27th. If you'd like to be a part of the cover reveals, please leave a comment below. I decided to go a different direction with these covers. Originally I planned for all three covers to feature an eye, but Emile will actually be on the cover for Deprogrammed and a younger character will be featured on Rebooted (the character will be introduced in Deprogrammed, so I'm not giving out names).

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  1. Wow... that's a lot going on! I hope you get the file to open and work! And congrats on all of your hard work :)

    Alyssa Susanna