Update on The Yearning.

I uploaded a new file for The Yearning this morning, it should be live within the next hour or two. The new file includes a few sample chapters of No Place Like Home. I've also gone ahead and pulled The Yearning from Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. I didn't intend to do the KDP Select thing again (as it really sucks giving Amazon exclusivity), but as the short story wasn't selling on either site, I figured it'd be best to enroll it in KDP Select and help promote my other projects...since I have a ton coming out this year.

And since I posted this on my Facebook page for my friends, I should probably post it here too, huh? Here is an unedited excerpt from Program 12 (out next month):

"I listened to the humming of the electricity as it traveled throughout my body. Each buzz sent me forward; a loud scream forced its way through my dry lips.
I could feel the change in my mind, but not my body. The cold steel was on fire beneath my skin. Each volt of electricity clung to my insides. I wanted to break the restraints, to breakout of the prison that I’d been trapped in for so long.
Something was awakening within me. Everything that I once was, it was slowly coming back to me. In bits and pieces, but it was coming back."

Release date: July 17th, 2012 (eBook only).

For those unaware: Program 12 features both a different Program, as well as a different caretaker than who you'll meet in Program 13. In P12, we're introduced to Program Twelve (after her Program's alteration, mind you), and her caretaker, Jessica. In Program 13, we're introduced to Program Thirteen (before her Program's alteration), and her caretaker, Tina. So even though P12 will introduce readers to Vesta Corp, and the oh-so-lovely Charles McVeigh, it'll only be a taste of what is actually in store.

There will be two more short-stories set in this world: one will be released before Deprogrammed, the other will be released after Rebooted. The one in-between Program 13 and Deprogrammed will be from Thirteen's point-of-view, the other one will be from Colton's point-of-view. So yeah, there you go.

You'll also be glad to know, Submerged is almost ready for edits. ;)
Seriously, I'm glad this book isn't a series because it took me a year just to write one novel.

For those of you wondering how I'm releasing projects so quickly (because there have been a few of you), I should probably mention that Capture was written in November 2010, and Program 13 was written in January 2011. These have been completed for a while now. I did tweak a few things earlier this year, yes, but these novels have been completed for a long time now. If I was a fast writer, I can assure you, Submerged would've been completed a long, long time ago.

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