I contacted the editor for Program 13. She's pretty booked (as she's an awesome editor), so I'm not entirely sure whether you'll be seeing Program 13 by August 13th. In all honesty, it may not be until early September that P13 is actually released. It all depends on how long it takes her to fix my mess, and how long it takes for me to correct everything.

On that note: I submitted Capture to a small press that is now open to young-adult submissions. I do plan on re-releasing it if they aren't interested, no worries. I just figured I'd try one more time before giving up.

I'm working on hiring a cover designer for a new Program 13 cover. I like the old cover, don't get me wrong...but I'm not the best with Photoshop. I actually suck at it for the most part. I've found a few I'm considering for right now, but I'm open to suggestion if you guys have any. If I'm going to pay the insane amount for a stock image, I might as well hire someone to make an awesome cover with it. Which means, Program 12 will probably get a new cover, too. We'll see. ;)

And due to a screw-up on Amazon's part, The Yearning is still free for the Kindle. I'm not sure what's going on, as the promotion was supposed to end yesterday, but yeah...it's still free. If you're into short-stories, feel free to check it out. And if you happen to like it, make sure to check out Program 12 next month!

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