More on "No Place Like Home".

I just finished formatting the paperback, which will not be out until June. I can say that it will be 80 pages long and it'll cost $3.50.

The eBook, which will be out on May 27th, will be $0.99 and will be a Kindle exclusive for three months.

The cover, as well as the estimated release for "Capture" are listed in the back of the novella. I didn't include any information on "We Are All Strangers" or "Program 13", as I'm not positive what I'm doing right now. My goal is to have "We Are All Strangers" ready for a December release - FYI: all of the short stories that will be included in WAAS will be dark. Darker than what people have probably come to expect from me. As for "Program 13", it is still out with agents and a few publishers. I will be releasing it one way or another, I'm just not sure what is going on yet.

I've decided not to shoot a book trailer for "No Place Like Home".
There will be promo items, but that's probably it. My main focus is going to be "Capture" after this release.

And I'm considering self-publishing "Submerged". Why? Mainly because I know agents and publishers are rather tired of dystopians, and really, who can blame them? The story has had a great fan base and readers have loved it, so instead of trunking it, I'm thinking of releasing it around December.

I'll give you an official update concerning that soon.

After "Submerged", I'll be taking a bit of a writing break. I need some time to just relax for a bit. Life is rather stressful right now, and I think diving into another project now would only be disastrous.

If you'd like to review "No Place Like Home", I am offering up eBooks for review. However, you'll need to be a YA book blogger. Just leave a comment below with your blog name/URL and which eBook format you'd prefer.


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