Teaser Monday: "Program 13"

I have two teasers from "Program 13" for you today:

Teaser one takes place shortly after an important conversation between Colton and Emile:

“I wish these things came with instruction manuals,” I whispered, referring to Program Thirteen, which technically meant I was talking about myself.
Colton looked up at me and laughed, “So, you want an instruction manual for what exactly – yourself?”

Teaser two is a scene near the end of the book and it features Emile and Hayden:

“I promise,” his voice was sincere. Hayden wrapped his hand inside of mine and pressed it to his lips. “Be safe, Emile.”
 “You too.” I broke from his hold, taking off in search of the vent.
"Program 13" may be a rather dark story, but there is a ton of humor throughout. That much I can promise you. Another thing to remember, whenever you actually get the chance to read "Program 13": Just because I kill off a character, it doesn't mean they are actually dead. With the technology of Vesta Corp, and McVeigh's fantasy of a perfect society, chances are you will see these character's again. Plus, a dead character from book one plays a rather large part in book two. Just throwing that out there.

And for those of you who have read "Program 13": The second book, "Deprogrammed", will begin shortly after that final scene. There is a lot of fighting in the first book, but all hell breaks lose in the second installment, all leading up to the third, and final, book ("Rebooted").

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