Random Blogging: The Hunger Games

This post is all about The Hunger Games (a trilogy that played a large influence on my current WIP, Submerged).

Last Thursday, I attended the mall tour event for The Hunger Games hosted at Broward Mall (I still refuse to call it Westfield Broward, sorry). Anyways, I arrived there around 2pm to an already massive crowd - seriously, schools must've been rather empty that day. Since I didn't have a VIP bracelet, I wasn't able to get near the actual stage, something which sucks when you're short. But even though someone stole my digital camera and I could barely see the cast once they hit the stage around 6:30pm, it was something I'm glad I decided to attend. It's a once in a lifetime kind of event. And honestly, it was cool to be around hundreds of other fans of the book.

There is totally a photo of me rocking my Katniss t-shirt and a thing of H20 water floating around somewhere. But shh.
My photos from the event were terrible, , so I won't be posting those, but thankfully the mall uploaded photos from that night.  Here is portion of the crowd (taken from the mall's Facebook page). Note: When I say portion, I do mean portion. The crowd also wrapped around the stage.
And the actors that were there to promote the film (aka Cato, Katniss, and Rue):

This past weekend, I finally went ahead and printed out my tickets which I purchased last month:

And on that note, here's a newly released clip featuring Peeta during his interview:

Can you tell I'm excited? ;)

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