Cover Reveal: COLLIDE, #1!

I'm beyond excited to share the brand new cover for COLLIDE #1 today. The first installment will be released this December by InkSpell Publishing, you can pre-order the novella by heading over here.

The cover was created by Najla Qamber Designs!

Collide: Episode One
By Nicole Sobon
ISBN: 978-1-945910-41-8

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Three simple words were all it took to change their lives forever. 
Losing a loved one is hard. Learning to survive in their absence? That’s even harder. For Gemma Michaels, life had become difficult following her brother’s death, but the one thing that kept her afloat was the one thing she knew she shouldn’t have desired – her best friend, Ben. 
He’d made a promise to her brother – to protect her, no matter what. For Ben, that had meant that she was off limits. But then she slips and tells him the three words he’s been waiting to hear. 
Love happens when you least expect it.

Oh, and how about an excerpt?!
“If you’re trying to charm my pants off of me, it isn’t going to work, Nate.”At least, I hoped he wouldn’t succeed. Again.On one hand, the last thing I needed was to repeat the same mistake. On the other hand? I was single, and I did have needs. Of course, Nate’s model looks certainly didn’t help to keep my mind from considering his earlier proposal.And this is why you don’t drink around Nate, I told myself.
“Get your mind out of the gutter, Gem, geez,” he joked. I dropped my hands from his neck and shoved him gently in his chest before he grabbed my wrists, pulling me to where he stood. “I’m serious. You have convinced yourself my idiot cousin can do better than you. You seem to think that you can’t compete with the other girls, but it’s utter bullshit.”“It’s not bullshit; it’s called accepting the reality of the situation,” I said.“You’re so much more than those other girls, Gemma. I only wish you could see what I see,” he said. A sincere smile spread upon his lips, and he released his hold on my wrists. “Don’t let your fear keep you from trying. Sometimes the things that scare us the most are exactly what we need.”
Note: The first three installments are finished and edited, so you won't have a long wait between releases! The fourth (and final!) book is currently being written and I should have it turned in to InkSpell by the end of December!

<3 Nicole

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