Book Review: Shadows and Dreams (ReMade Season 1 Episode 1) by Matthew Cody

Shadows and Dreams (ReMade Season 1 Episode 1)Shadows and Dreams by Matthew Cody
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Description From Goodreads:
You live. You love. You die. Now RUN. ReMade.

Every minute, 108 people die. 
On October 14th, 2016, from 9:31-9:32 p.m. EDT, 23 of those deaths will be teenagers. 
Now they are humanity’s last hope for survival. 

Awakened in a post-apocalyptic world and hunted by mechanical horrors, these teens search for answers amidst the ruins of civilization. Fate, love, and loyalty face off in this adrenaline -pumping YA adventure.

ReMade will unfold in 15 episodes.

My Review:
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an interesting read, and definitely an intriguing start to a new serial story. Unfortunately, it did feel as though there was too much crammed into the first episode.

I discovered Remade while browsing Netgalley and was immediately pulled in by the cover. And then I read the description and couldn't click the request button fast enough. However, while the first episode of Remade was a nice, short read, it wasn't as developed as I'd hoped for. For me, the story just moved way too fast. This first episode should have spent more time developing these characters and then teasing the mysterious aspect of the story near the end. (I absolutely loved the ending.)

Still, while I wasn't completely sold on this first installment of the story, I am excited to see where it goes! There is a fascinating story to be told here, and with the world having been somewhat established in this first episode, I can see the story picking up steam with future installments.

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