Cover Redesign: DEPROGRAMMED!

As you probbaly know, I've been working on updating the covers for the Emile Reed series for some time now. I'm terrible with Photoshop, and the original covers proved that. Thankfully, I've met a couple of fantastic cover designers thanks to the internet, and they've helped me to give the series an actual series feel, and I couldn't be happier with what they've done.

With that said, here is the updated cover for Deprogrammed:

And here is the paperback jacket:

Spiffy, right? The new paperbacks will be ready later this week, I just need Createspace to approve them. And the eBook cover has already been updated!

Here are the covers that Carrie (of Forward Authority Design) did for the first three installments of the Emile Reed Chronicles for comparison:

And here is the series cover created by Christa (of Paper & Sage Design):

I will continue working with Carrie to finish the covers for the rest of the series, so keep an eye out for more updated covers soon. (Yes, that means you'll be able to own pretty paperbacks soon enough!) =D

P.S. If you're in need of a cover designer, I'd HIGHLY recommend both Carrie and Christa. They've both been fantastic to work with, and I'm always blown away by what they are able to do with my crap descriptions of what I want on my covers. They're awesome ladies, and you'll enjoy working with them. I promise.

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