New to My Shelves!

It has been some time since I've done one of these, so this is going to be a mixture of the past few weeks.

Books Purchased:
  1. Divergent by Veronica Roth
I usually don't buy movie tie-in editions, but I love the book jacket for this one. I definitely prefer it to the original cover.

eBooks Purchased:
  1. White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  2. After The Ending (The Ending #1) by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue
  3. Tempted by the Soldier (Falling for You #2) by Nicolette Day
  4. Everlasting (Night Watchmen, #1) by Candace Knoebel
  5. Temporarily Yours (Shillings Agency #1) by Diane Alberts
  6. Of Sea and Stone by Kate Avery Ellison
  7. Forced Autonomy (Phase 2) by Lila Felix
  8. Violation (Legal Affairs #3) by Sawyer Bennett
I've been swamped as of late, so I've been slacking on reviews, but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I posted one review last night, and I'm hoping to have one up by tomorrow night, too. I'm working on my NetGalley books right now, and after those, I'll return to the review copies I've received from authors. If you're waiting on a review, I apologize. I fell behind for a lot of reasons: my trip to Atlanta, working on both Rebooted and New Beginnings, and drafting Stouthearted. Add in the fact that I've honestly lacked any motivation to read and/or write for a while now, I've been out of it. But I'm back now, for the most part, and I'm hoping to catch-up on everything.

The February giveaway will be up tomorrow, since February is over with, I'm just going to consider it a second March giveaway. White Hot Kiss will be the giveaway book, and it'll be international.

P.S. I've unpublished Is Love: Volume 1. I will be posting all of the novelettes on Wattpad. This isn't a series for everyone. These are short installments, and Volumes 1-3 technically act as a sequel to Volumes 4-6. Because of this, I've decided posting them on Wattpad just seems like the better option. The audiobook for Volume 1 will continue to be available on Amazon, but that is only because I can't unpublish that since it is under contract.

Back to reading I go!
<3 Nicole

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