Want a Free Audio Book Copy of "Submerged"?

Want a free copy of the Submerged audiobook?

Follow these steps using one of the codes posted below:
1.  Visit http://www.audible.com/at/redeem
2.  Enter the download code into the "Redeem Your Promotional Code" field and click "Redeem".
3.  If you’re not an Audible customer you’ll need to create a new Audible.com account. Don’t worry, you can use your Amazon account to do this.
4.  Follow the instructions. You’ll have 1 credit applied to your account.
5.  Go to my book’s listing
6.  Add it to your cart. When you check out you’ll see an option to apply the free credit.

The codes to use:
Note: I'm posting these here for everyone to see. If they're gone before you're able to grab one, I apologize. I'm only posting these five codes. If you did manage to miss out on one of the codes, Audible usually lowers the price of the audiobook if you already own an eBook copy of the title, so you should be able to get a good deal on it if you've already purchased Submerged. =)

Good luck, and happy listening. =)

P.S. I'd love it if you left a review on Amazon and Goodreads after you've finished with the audiobook! I know it is a hassle to post a review, but it really does help authors reach other readers.


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