Teaser Tuesday: Rebooted (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 3)!

Random teaser from Rebooted, the final book in the Emile Reed Chronicles:

“He died for you,” Tommy said, his voice holding no sort of sympathy what-so-ever. “He died so that McVeigh could bring you home. This is where you belong. You belong with us.”
I tried to drown out Tommy’s programmed speeches hoping it’d help to ease my pain, but it also forced me to remember the boy that he once used to be.
After I died, I’d tried to erase him from my memory, because I hadn’t wanted to accept the reality of knowing the future I’d mapped out with him would no longer exist. 
The way that I’d felt about him? It was something I’d never get to experience again. Those six months with him were some of the happiest memories of my life, and I didn’t want to tarnish them after I died. I wanted to hang onto what I once had; I was desperate to hold onto what little I’d had left of him.
I tried recalling those six months now, wanting to replace my pain with even the tiniest bit of happiness, but it was hard to recreate that feeling.
If there was one thing I had learned in my death, it was that trying to reclaim what once was just wasn’t possible. Moments were fleeting. They weren’t meant to be recreated, because they never quite held the same emotion as they did the first time around.
We weren’t supposed to have second chances after we died.
The hell that I was stuck in was more than proof enough of that.
“Do you miss him?” I could hear him moving closer, each of his steps heavy on the tile floor beneath him. “Is that why you seem sad?”
I wanted to scream at him.  Wasn’t it obvious? But I didn’t want to give McVeigh any sort of pleasure as a result of my misery. I wouldn’t do it.
“We’re not talking about this,” I answered. “So just stop. Now.”
“Hayden was a fantastic worker, it’s a shame that he went against the rules of Vesta Corp. He constructed most of my old programming.”
Just hearing his name was enough to destroy me.
Hayden had fought so hard for me.
He’d given up so much, and to think that he had lost his life because of me? It was the worst kind of feeling. Because after losing my parents? He was the last bit of family that I’d had left, and now he was gone. They all were.

Also, if you're a book blogger and you'd like to request an ARC, you should be able to do so beginning January 17th.

The plan is to release Rebooted later this month (same with New Beginnings). Rebooted will be available for pre-order through Smashwords a week or two before it's released. The paperback will be delayed. I want to have the series match, so both Deprogrammed and Rebooted will be getting new covers (this way they match Program 13). I'm also planning on commissioning a series cover so that, once New Beginnings and done and ready to go, I can release the entire series as one eBook.

Rebirth, which is McVeigh's novel, will not be included in this bundle when it is releases later this year, mainly because it is an entirely separate book. Rebirth is just a project I've wanted to work on for a few years now. A few readers have told me that they actually like McVeigh and that they are curious about him, so he's getting his own book.

And now I'm off to finish editing Rebooted!

P.S. You can add Rebooted to your TBR shelf on Goodreads by going here! It isn't all gloom, I promise. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. ;)

Lots of <3

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