A Few Updates!

Happy Belated New Year!

I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what's going on, and what you can expect from the blog over the year.

First, here are some writing updates:

No Place Like Home has gotten a makeover! Christa Holland, who did the cover re-do for Submerged, created the new cover and I love it.

I should note that No Place Like Home is creepier than my other titles, and it is quite an emotional read. It's also a standalone, so that ending? That really is it. ;)

Decoding Evie is done! Well, it's been done for some time now, but the new draft is complete and ready to query! I love Evie. She's such a fun character, and I think readers will enjoy this novella. Assuming it ever gets published, haha. If I can't find a publisher for it, I will be publishing it this year. I promise.

I don't have any news to share on Collide just yet. This is because querying isn't a fast process. It is very slow going, and it could take months to hear back from agents & publishers. I'm hoping to have a decision to share by May, so we'll see! For now, here's a teaser to tide you all over:

I'm working on Rebooted, and I really can't wait to share this story. I LOVE these characters, and I'm dreading writing New Beginnings because that is officially the end. But! I will say that, if you've enjoyed the series thus far, you're going to love the ending. Rebooted will be available later this month, and New Beginnings should follow shortly after. (The Colton & Emile friendship from Program 13 is back in this novella, which makes me all sorts of happy. They are my favorite characters that I've written!)

After Rebooted, I will be focusing my attention on Stouthearted. One thing I can say about Stouthearted so far? There will be lots of Glate, which is a good thing! It isn't all lovely-dovey, obviously. Taylen and company still have a long fight ahead of them, and Hack isn't going to make things easy. I can't wait to get back in this world, but I'm also not eager to say goodbye.

Possible release this year: Remember how I was talking about a possible Submerged prequel novella? I think I'm going to do it. It won't feature Taylen or the others, but it will explain what led to the Outbreak in full detail. The earliest I'd be able to release it would be August/September. It won't be a required read, as we do learn more about Troum and the Outbreak in Stouthearted. It'll mainly be a companion novella.

Now, onto blog updates:
  1. I'm going to aim to post at least three reviews a week! I need to find more time to read. I barely read anything last year, and that just isn't okay with me.
  2. I also want to start doing weekly Author interviews (self-published and traditionally published, either works). If you'd be interested in either doing a guest post or an interview, just let me know. (E-mail is on the side of the blog.)
  3. I'm going to get back in the habit of doing Teaser Tuesday posts, Waiting on Wednesday posts, Saturday Updates posts, and New to My Shelves posts.

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