Cover Re-Do: Submerged!

I love Submerged.
And I loved the original cover, I did.
BUT! It was incredibly pixelated because I suck at using Photoshop.

I've been wanting to update the cover for some time now, and well, I figured with Stouthearted coming early next year that I should do it now. It took awhile to find the right cover designer (I'm using a totally different designer for the Emile Reed series), but I eventually found Christa and Paper & Sage Designs, and I'm so, so glad that I did.

Isn't it pretty?

She did a fantastic job on the new paperback wrap.
I can't wait to contract her to make the cover for Stouthearted.

The new paperbacks should be available by Monday-Tuesday at the latest through Amazon. Chances are the look inside feature won't update for a few weeks, so don't worry if you see the old cover, you should receive the new cover if you decide to order a copy.

Also, I should probably mention that the Submerged bookmarks that I've ordered will feature this new cover.

Authors, if you're looking for a designer, I highly recommend using Paper & Sage!

<3 Nicole

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