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And if you're not following me on Facebook, or if you missed it (which is probable, given FB only shows my posts to a percentage of my followers), here are the teasers I've posted from Rebooted:

Day 1 Teaser:
"All I ever wanted was to give you a second chance at life. I hadn’t stopped to realize how many lives that I would be altering in the process.
The words kept replaying in my thoughts like a haunting reminder of my past mistakes."
Day 2 Teaser:
"I took one final look at the heartbroken boy behind me, and I walked confidently into the storm."
Day 3 Teaser:
“Do you know what your biggest problem is?” I asked, my eyes falling on McVeigh. He was dressed in a fitted black suit with a bright red tie. He looked over at me, with his lips pressed in a thin line, and crossed him arms, waiting for me to continue. “Your biggest problem is that you want the world to feel the pain you’ve felt. You’ve completely closed yourself off as a form of self preservation. You claim that you’re trying to fix society, to perfect it, but all you’re doing is trying to make the world your own because you’re terrified of the reality that is out there.” 
Keep in mind, this is my NaNo project, so these have not been edited. Also, this book is in dual POV, and no, I'm not telling you who says what. (I really can't, or it'll spoil things. Plus, secrets are fun.)

And just because, here is a random line from Collide:
"I was drowning in him, and I was more than okay if I’d never found my way back to the surface." 
Tomorrow I will be posting my review for The Princess in the Opal Mask as part of the blog tour. Other reviews planned for this week include: My Favorite Mistake, The Only One, and Sentinel (!!!!!!!!!).

<3 Nicole

P.S. If you would like to beta read Collide or Rebooted (at the end of the November), feel free to e-mail me: NicoleWritesYA@gmail.com. I'm always looking for beta readers! =)

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