New to My Shelves + Updates!

Eve by Iris Johansen
The Differet Girl by Gordon Dahlquist
Unteachable by Leah Raeder
Vortex by Julie Cross

My local library had their monthly book sale today yesterday, so I decided to go grab some books. I ended up purchasing both Eve & The Different Girl while I was there, both books I've been wanting to read. 
Unteachable has been all over my Goodreads homepage this week, so I decided to pick it up. I'm hoping I'll have a chance to read it soon since I've heard great things, but NaNo is kind of draining all of my free time at the moment. 
Vortex! I read Tempest back in 2011. I ended up loving it, but I never got around to reading the sequel. I'm hoping to fix that soon.

eBooks Purchased:
While You're Away series by Jessa Holbrook
For Real (Rules of Love, Book One) by Chelsea M. Cameron
Reboot by Amy Tintera


The Deprogrammed blog tour starts on Monday! I'm terrified. Seriously. As of right now, Deprogrammed has no reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, so I have yet to see what readers think of the sequel. It has definitely made writing the third book harder. I mean, the second book switches to dual POV and I'm worried people will end up hating that, but it's needed to tell the full story. (You'll understand why come Rebooted. Their stories really are connected.)

There will be a book blitz for Submerged in a couple of weeks! I'm incredibly excited since it'll be around the same time as the new cover. During that week (Nov. 25th - Dec. 2nd), Submerged will be on sale for $0.99! If you've been waiting to download a copy, that week will be your last chance to get it at that price for some time.

NaNoWriMo Update: I just hit the halfway point on Rebooted. It's a bit weird to be working on the end to Emile's story. I've been in this world since January 2011. And though I'll be releasing two more stories next year that are set in this world (New Beginnings & McVeigh's novel), they won't be Emile's story, so that is going to be new for me. I'm both sad and happy to see her story end, but I promise it'll be a satisfying conclusion.

And it isn't just Emile's story I'm getting ready to end. Taylen's story will end in early 2014. Yeah, the next couple of months are going to be incredibly emotional for me, haha. I'm still toying with the idea of writing a Submerged prequel novella. If I do, it won't feature any of the original cast. It'll be set right before the Outbreak. In Submerged, we hear how the Outbreak happened. In the possible novella? We'd get to see the Outbreak happen. (So yes, Troum would be mentioned, but he'd be the only character to carry over.)

I have a lot of writing plans for 2014 (including the rest of the Is Love series and a rewrite of Capture, followed shortly by the sequel, Release).

If you've enjoyed the Emile Reed Chronicles, you're going to want to check back next month. I'll be releasing more details on As We Fall and As We Rise (the YA sci-fi duet I'm planing for 2014).

P.S. The audiobook for Submerged will be here next month! The narrator is almost done with the files. As soon as she finishes them and I approve the audio, it'll take two weeks for it to go live on Amazon.

<3 Nicole

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