NaNo Update: Day Thirteen!

As of two minutes ago, I have finally surpassed the 21,000 word mark on REBOOTED.

This is the final novel in the Emile Reed Chronicles. (Just a reminder: McVeigh's novel, scheduled for April 2014, is a companion novel! It does not feature Emile.)

I went in with an outline that I never actually ended up using. I think I ended up throwing it out two paragraphs into this draft. And yet, by some miracle, the book is actually working, haha.

There is a lot that goes down in this book, and I'm making it a point to see to it that every character's storyline gets resolved one way or another. Not everyone is going to survive, and there will be a lot of pain, but there will also be a lot of character growth. These characters have been through a lot since the beginning of this series, and throughout the series, I like to believe they've developed into stronger characters, each with something unique to offer.

I can't reveal too much from REBOOTED without spoiling the events that take place in DEPROGRAMMED. But I can an unedited [non-spoilerish] teaser!

I wasn’t sure how long I’d been sitting here in the midst of the rumble. It almost seemed as though time had stopped when the bullet left the gun. All it had taken was one action – one moment – to change everything.
He had accepted his ending, but that hadn’t stopped the aching in my chest.
I looked around at the destruction that surrounded me, at the blood stained tiles, and all I could see was his face. Rage rolled throughout my body, and my fingers instinctively reached for the letter inside of my pant pocket. I couldn’t help but to wonder if she knew yet. 
As soon as I finish this first draft, I'm going to complete edits on STANDBY and finish up THE UNTOLD STORIES. All three will be available in December, with NEW BEGINNINGS now following in January.

It is going to be hard to say goodbye to these characters, but I want to end the series now - when it feels right. I don't want to drag the story out any more than I need to. 

If you've read PROGRAM 12, PROGRAM 13, ALLEGIANCE, and DEPROGRAMMED and you'd like to help beta-read REBOOTED, shoot me an e-mail: NicoleWritesYA@gmail.com. You won't receive the entire MS in full as I'm still writing it, instead you'll receive chapters as I complete them.


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