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About the book:
Good and goodness will prevail.

Honour and Horatia Frie are twins living in a world of wreck and ruin. 

Forgotten London is a dismal place of containment, rationing, and a four-family-per-house regulation. Twenty five years ago the world was set ablaze when solar flares obliterated three quarters of the Earth’s population and wiped out whole continents in one blow. The flares brought with them The Sixteen Strains: agonizing and fatal diseases that plague each of the forty one zones of Forgotten London and the rest of the world. The only places that escaped fatal damage were two countries now known as The Cities – States and Bharat. The rest of the world – The Forgotten Lands – is contained within borders for the people’s protection against even deadlier Strains outside the barrier. But fifteen year old Honour thinks differently. He thinks that they’re kept inside the fence for other, more menacing reasons. He thinks that States are planning to kill them. 

Branwell and Bennet Ravel are twins living in a world of danger and secrecy.

In Victorian London, years before the solar flares hit, the Ravels’ world has just been turned upside down. Their father, poisoned by something even genius Branwell can’t determine, has passed away. His dying words were unnerving orders to keep each other safe no matter the cost, and to hide everything he has ever invented. When one of his creations goes missing – a device named The Lux that can generate unlimited energy – the twins are shocked to discover that their very own government has stolen it and, according to their father’s journals, are planning to use it to create unfathomable explosions to destroy their world.

The Ravel twins will have to find and reclaim The Lux if they are to stop their world’s planned destruction, but when they’re transported to an unfamiliar, derelict world, the search for the device will become harder than ever. Honour and Horatia, against all odds, will have to find a way to stop States before the remainder of Earth is eradicated and their world is lost for good, or somehow get every single citizen of Forgotten London outside of the fence.

An Excerpt From The Forgotten:

As we traipse through the Underground tunnels to exit a station whose signs declare it to be Oval Station, I’m reminded of a night two years ago when I was surrounded by a similar siren. That one was lower, settling more into my bones; this one is screeching and deafening. At the time I thought the criminal siren would be the shrillest, loudest thing I ever heard. I was wrong.
They don’t have criminal sirens anymore. They were used to guard Underground London Zone, but the siren disappeared along with the guards, the checkpoint at the zone’s entryway, and the mesh fence that surrounded it. I used to wonder about the fence—whether it was to keep ordinary commoners out or to keep the wealthy, high status commoners in. I don’t suppose it matters.
Miya bumps her shoulder against mine and grins. “Just like old times,” she shouts over the siren. I laugh even though she can’t hear me.
Yes, just like old times. Like the night we met.
When we hit aboveground the brilliant light blinds my eyes and I see some of The Guardians experience the same thing. I partially shield my eyes with my fingers and allow them to adjust. Miya squints through the light. Or glares. It’s hard to tell.
The head Guardian, a stocky man with a colossal moustache and a scratchy voice, splits us into a further five groups—one for east, west, south, north, and the centre of the zone. There would have been only four Guardians per area but, as Alba said, the Guardians assigned to other zones help us like we’ll help them in theirs. I’m thankful for the extra numbers.
We’re the first stop on the route, since we’re the innermost zone on our route—Camberwell Zone, through Greenwich and Beckenham, and as close to the border as we can get in Bromley Zone.
We need to move fast so we can get the maximum number of people on the trains and out of Forgotten London before the military starts to retaliate.
Because they will.
And I’m ready for it.
And so are The Guardians.

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About the author:
Saruuh Kelsey is a young author living in The Middle of Nowhere, England with an addiction to semantics, literature, and Doctor Who. Saruuh writes dystopian and fantasy novels for young adults and runs far too many blogs. ​ ​​
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