I'm Back + Is Love (Volume 3) Is Now Available!

I know that I haven't really been online much this past week.
I have a lot going on in my personal life (way too much to get into at the moment).

I have uploaded Is Love (Volume 3) to Smashwords (link here).
It should go live on Amazon soon. But I'd suggest waiting until tomorrow to purchase it from there. There is a bit of a typo on the Chapter Three. Instead of three, it says there. Yeah, I know. I fixed it, so the corrected version will be live at some point tomorrow. I just don't know when.

If you have been waiting on the collection, that is now available too (here).

And some more news:
  • Program 13 will be going on a blog tour in July. Sign-ups will begin at the end of the month. I'm super excited. The tour is being organized by Xpresso Book Tours. I've been following Giselle's blog for quite some time now, so I'm excited to work with her. :)
  • Is Love: Volumes 1-3 will be available in paperback this weekend. I just have to finish formatting the paperback.
  • I will have two reviews for you this weekend. I promise. I will be reviewing The Host (movie) tomorrow, and then I will have my review up for Apollyon on Sunday. 
I want to apologize for just kind of disappearing. This past week hasn't been the best and I needed some time to process what happened. I'm a lot better now, so I can finally get back to work on Deprogrammed.

If you're waiting to hear back from me, give me a day or two. My inbox is still a bit nuts at the moment. I will respond though, don't worry. =)

<3 Nicole

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