"Submerged" Sale!

If you have yet to pick up a copy of Submerged, I'd suggest doing so now. The eBook will be available for only $0.99 until 3/9. After that it'll return to the original price ($2.99).

Not sure if Submerged is for you?

Here are a few sample chapters for you to read through:

Purchase links: Amazon -- Barnes & Noble -- Smashwords

The paperback is also available, though that is priced at $10.75. (I tried to make it as cheap as possible, unfortunately, this is as low as I could get it through CreateSpace.)

I'm not sure when the next short, or the sequel for that matter, will be released, by I'm hoping to have them ready ASAP. Right now I am focusing on finishing up the Emile Reed series (it'll be complete by December) and the Capture duology. :)

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