Sneak Peek at Is Love (Volume 3)!

Is Love (Volume 3) will release on 3/31/13, completing Ridley's story.

For those of you who have already read both Volume 1 and Volume 2, I figured I'd share a special teaser. If you haven't, I've gone ahead and put the teaser behind a cut as a sort of "spoiler warning".

Chapter One
I stood beneath an old, rotted tree, my hands wrapped tightly across my chest.
I should have known the calm wouldn’t have lasted.
I should have known that they wouldn’t have given up.
But I had given into my own ignorance. I allowed myself to believe in the possibility of happiness, of a life free from the Council. I had become so consumed with my fantasy that I had forgotten about reality.
Kieran strolled over beside me with his hands plunged deep into his pant pockets. “How are you holding up, Ridley?”
“A bit better now that you’re here,” I said, a small smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.
Being with him now was still so surreal. We had spent the past few days in the forest, laying in the grass, our bodies pressed against one another, our lips moving together, melting into eachother. I had missed him so much.
This was supposed to be our ending; a forever in a free world.
But the Council had other plans.
“I won’t give up,” I said, leaning back against the tree.
He lowered himself down onto the grass beside me, stretching his legs out in front of him. “I know, love. I know.”
“Kieran, I need to ask you something.” I kneeled down beside him, allowing my dress to fall around my legs. “Will you watch over my family if something were to happen to me?”
“Nothing is going to happen to you, Ridley. I won’t allow them to take you away from me again.”
His words should have soothed my worries, but they hadn’t.
Matron Elizabeth thought I’d be safe here; that the Council wouldn’t infiltrate this compound. Unfortunately, we had both underestimated the boldness of the Council.
If they could extinguish the other compounds and detention centers, there was nothing to stop them from doing the same thing here. And the worst part of it all was knowing that I might have just killed thousands of innocent people by seeking refuge within these walls.

Please note that I'm still doing edits, so the text can change before publication. 

Is Love: Volumes 1-3 will be available as a combined eBook collection for $1.99. The paperback won't run anymore than $5.

Don't forget, this volume will complete Ridley's story, but there will be more installments coming this summer. (Yes, Roslyn does get a prequel novelette.)

This was a fun experiment, and I hope I can do more of these in the future. (I have one contemporary and one sci-fi in mind.) Since I'm finishing up the Emile Reed Chronicles, the Capture duology, and, possibly the Outbreak duology this year, you probably won't see those until some point in 2014.

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